ERARIA in a new home

Congratulations and best of luck to the new owner of our ERARIA (Atius O – Emanza/Ecaho)!

Foaling season

In four days’ time we will officially begin summer. Whereas at Regina Arabians we have gloriously ended the foaling season. Yesterday the last of this year’s foals were born. The mare EL MEDISA foaled a filly by RFI Farid, while HERMA – a colt by Al Mourtajez. This way the “gender equality” has been maintained – the 2019 crop of Regina Arabians consists of 4 fillies and 4 colts, although the beginning was very “masculine”…

In March PALILA gave birth to a colt by Morion, ALARA to a colt by Pogrom and BOGINKA to a colt by POGANIN.

It was only ALINA PS that gifted us with a filly by Morion. In April ERCTIQA, owned by a Kuwaiti breeder, foaled a filly by Sultan Al Zobara, while H ALLURE H a filly by SA FAEZ Simbad. And finally yesterday’s heroines – EL MEDISA and HERMA – closed off the ambitious foaling season.

Unfortunately the breeding season is still in full swing. Several mares are still being covered.

Our latest show plans include a trip to Ströhen, Germany, where a debut shall be made on the European arena by: the 5 year old H PEPA H trained by Joanna Wojtecka and Paweł Kozikowski, as well as the year old ELMONA by Medalion out of El Medisa, trained by Marek Demczuk.

Lots of changes at Regina…

… as we step into the New Year.

ATIUS O has a new owner. One of our brightest show stars of the 2018 season is now representing the colours of Saudi Arabia.

We have also welcomed new guests. The mare herd has grown by three new purchases from Janów Podlaski Stud:
ALARA grey, Eden C – Alabama/ Gazal Al Shaqab
PANACEA grey, Pogrom – Palmeta/Ecaho
BOGINKA bay, Kahil Al Shaqab – Bordiura/Gazal Al Shaqab

We have also begun the breeding season with a male accent, as we have welcomed two colts:
out of Alara by Pogrom
out of Palila by Morion

Six mares are still waiting for their foals. The closest to foaling is Alina PS, who is awaiting her first produce. Alina, just like Palila, was bred in 2018 to Morion.

We are eagerly awating the remaining foals, hoping for an evening out of genders.

Paramus sold

Congratulations to the new owner of PARAMUS. The stallion has just been sold, after completing his training at the race track.

Show season at Regina Arabians – continued

The last four months of the year are a very active period for our show stars, especially the stallions that represent Regina Arabians.

Our horses were extremely successful at the 3rd Cracow Arabian Horse Show, which took place during the 7-8-9th of September, 2018.

First in the foal class the filly ELMONA (Medalion – El Medisa/Shanghai EA) placed second and the colt PEDGARD (Medalion – H Pepa H/H Angelo H) third. The next day, after winning their classes, EMAR AVI (Empire – El Medisa/Shanghai EA) was chosen Gold Yearling Champion Colt, while ATIUS O (Shahim Al Nakeeb – Atia oOne/Johann El Jamaal) Gold Senior Champion Stallion.

Two gold medals, two champion titles! We are extremely happy and proud of our horses’ results.

Three weeks later both stallions went to represent Regina Arabians at the All Nations Cup in Aachen. Both EMAR AVI and ATIUS O presented themselves very well, placing in the top five of their classes. EMAR AVI took the 4th spot in a very difficult, high quality yearling colts class, while ATIUS O placed third in the 4-6 year old stallions class.

After his performance in the European Championships, held this year in Lier, Belgium, EMAR AVI returned home. He will now get the deserved rest after a long and tiresome show season.


ATIUS O will still be shown at the World Championships in Paris during the 23rd-25th of November. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Once more we would like to thank the trainers of our horses: Paweł Kozikowski and Paweł Syliwoniuk, for their professionalism and work that went into the conditioning and presenting of Regina Arabians’ horses.

Show season at Regina Arabians

We are extremely proud of the results achieved by our horses at international shows. A successful performance was delivered by EL MEDONA, ATIUS O and EMAR AVI at the International Show in Prague, which took place on June 9-10th, 2018. The yearling EMAR AVI was chosen Yearling Gold Champion Colt in the European Cup classification. El Medona and Emar Avi were presented by Paweł Syliwoniuk, while Atius O by Paweł Kozikowski.

The past weeken brought Regina Arabians as many as TWO medals!!! At the B-international show in Ströhen, Germany we presented ATIUS O (with Paweł Kozikowski) and EMAR AVI (with Paweł Syliwoniuk). Atius won the bronze medal in the senior stallion category, while Emar Avi returned with a silver medal of the yearling stallions.

A huge congratulations and thank yous to both our trainers not only for looking good, but also for feeling great. The show season is in full bloom and the next events are just a few weeks away!

Welcome and farewell

We have been blessed with another filly! EL MEDISA foaled a beautiful daughter by Medalion. Another Medalion offspring is due out of H PEPA H. This will be the last foaling at our stud this season.

Meanwhile PERKILA and her son by Atius O left our stud and is making herself at home at a new stable. Congratulations to the lucky buyers!