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We are very pleased to provide you with the latest news from Regina Arabians. We have successfully completed the foaling season, welcoming five new

residents to the world. The mares Alara and El Medona made us happy with fillies, by Haash OSB and Sa Faez Simbad, respectively.

The distinguished H Allure H this time, after two beautiful daughters, gave birth to a colt by El Tino, the mare Nesma El Mels gave birth to a strong colt by Gazwan, and the last mare to foal, Boginka, gave us a healthy and beautiful colt by Empire after almost three weeks of delay. The breeding season is still going on. Unfortunately, not the easiest one, but we hope that with a positive ending. This year we have planned to cover 14 mares. Having a foundation of interesting, carefully selected dams, we can allow ourselves a very individual selection of the stallions that interest us.

Meanwhile, our pupils enjoy uninterrupted freedom in the pastures. The weather is favorable, the huge and rich grass guarantees excellent conditions for the horses.

Our youngsters in training, for both show and racing, cannot currently enjoy them. Our two-year-olds, Amaranda RA and Arctica RA, and the yearlings: Arete RA, El Draco RA and Policaro RA are currently staying at the Elegantica Training Center in Italy. In the near future they will head for Strohen, where the yearlings will have their show debut.

On the track in Wrocław, Elmona RA and Amita RA are training with Ms Justyna Domańska. They have their first successful races behind them. The task was completed, both fillies underwent racing training in good health, perfectly developed, proved that they can gallop and undergo a stamina trial as befits pure Arabian horses. Just a moment more and they’ll be able to go home.

Congratulations to Elarosa’s new owners!

Congratulations to the client in Czechia for the recent purchase of ELAROSA. We are delighted over her finding a perfect new home. Best of luck in the future!

Time to start the show season!

After a stillness in the show world due to COVID-19 we readily set off for the first show in Poland – Białka 2020 (4-5th of July).

Our stud was represented by 4 mares:

– two year olds:

ELMONA by Medalion out of El Medisa by Shanghai EA

AMITA by RFI Farid out of H Allure H by Jullyen El Jamaal

– and yearlings:

AMARANDA RA by Morion out of Alina PS by WH Justice

ARCTICA RA by SA FAEZ Simbad out of H Allure H by Jullyen El Jamaal.

The best result was achieved by Elmona, who won her class and placed TOP FIVE in the Junior Mare Championships.

After a short rest Elmona went to Strohen and during the last weekend (11-12th of July) participated in the International (B) Show. She placed third in her age group, receiving the same score as the mare from second place (91,17 pts). Only a lesser score for type determined Elmona’s place in class.

And soon we have the show in SOPOT (25-26th of July), where we will be represented by: AMITA, AMARANDA RA and ARCTICA RA.

Changes, changes…

Soon we will say goodbye to two more horses that changed owners and will leave our stable. The two year old PEDGARD (Medalion – H Pepa H/H Angelo H) will head for Sweden. Congratulations to his buyers and we wish them plenty of satisfaction out of this typey colt.

Whereas one of the oldest residents of Regina Arabians – ELAROSA (Porto – Ewelinka/Zagon) will go to the Czech Republic. We are a bit sad, because Elarosa was at our stud from nearly the beginning, but life means changes and it is time for Elarosa to enrich another stud. The mare was bred in the 2020 season to Paladid.

We wish all new owners lots of joy, satisfaction and breeding successes.

Boys, boys, boys…

This week El MEDISA (Shanghai E.A – Emfonia/Galba) gave birth to the last foal this year in Regina Arabians – a colt by Morion. Earlier the mare PALILA also gave birth to a Morion son, H EMBITION H gifted us with a colt by SA Faez Simbad and, not long after her, PANACEA gave birth to a WH Justice son.

The only female member of this young group is another beautiful daughter of Morion and the mare ALINA PS.

Colt out of Palila

Welcome to the world! Last week our Palila (Esparto – Perkilla/Al Maraam) gave birth to a colt by Morion. He can already enjoy the sunny weather on the pastures of Regina Arabians.

For sale

ERARIA in a new home

Congratulations and best of luck to the new owner of our ERARIA (Atius O – Emanza/Ecaho)!

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